Holographic Sound System

           Patent Holographic Sound System

Below a model-photograph of the also by J.C.M. van den Berg invented and patented Dummy-Head with the by him realized  'Front-Information'.
Many research-institutes all over the world had searched for that front-information the past decades in vain.

As a medical doctor he understood very well, that God does create us not-for-nothing with these special ear shells and auditory canals.

He put in practice as the first researcher this special prosthetic material, thus medically meant for substitute, and has introduced this in the world of audio.
In these days he frequently got the remarks, that human ear-shells - according to the 'evolution-theory' - were rudimentary and thus practically didn't contribute to the determination of the direction for the human-being.
Some animals were just much better equipped, they say.

He thought that these views were a disdaining towards the Creator and an evidence of haughtiness.
By his conviction and intense admiration of the Whole Creation he was allowed to find out - also via inspiration - some remarkable different matters.
After that, only just now physical measurements with a correct physiological index were possible.
With these dummy-heads we can now realize holographic sound-recordings with astonishing results.

At the same time it was possible now with these measurements to realize 3d-sound, as we know from DirectSound-3D of Microsoft and others.
See hereto the American Patent 4,393,270 of J.C.M. van den Berg, who explains there how this has to be done. He is the first founder of the 3D-Sound as you can learn from his Patent.
But he is also the founder of the Holographic Sound Recording technique by using two or more dummy-heads (constructed by him) in a special recording system.

The sound-image is then 3D and has also the property to can be heard from different angles, as if the listener is at the recording location. It gives back the original acoustics of the recording place.
This became his holographic patent. At first this recording-system (an
input-system) was known as Bilateral Acoustic System or BILAS.

Later on it was also called JOS or Just Original Sound. This was precise what it was. Three-dimensional sound with a true nature in your own home via a normal stereo-installation (and only two (!) speakers).

See other links for an output-system (loudspeakers) also called Holographic Sound System.   For example:   https://www.longevity-systems.com/NL/holographicsound.html

There must be made difference between INPUT and OUTPUT because this is essential for the term holographic sound (system) as a recording technique.
In fact this recording-technique has to be seen as a transmission-hologram technique.

The recorded sound-golf-fronts are projected
more or less in the same way via a normal and neutral stereo-equipment on the eardrums of the listener as if the listener really physically was in the recording room.
Therefore there are also
in depth shifts in the layers of the sound-image, when the listener moves at home in the listening-room between right and left and vice-versa.

Vandenberg Dummy-Head
          Vandenberg Dummy-Head

Home-location Amsterdam
            Home-location Amsterdam

                  Church Amsterdam
            Two dummy heads "Vandenberg"

                  Church Amsterdam
          Aäron's Church Amsterdam


Put your stereo-installation on, preferable in a neutral way, and on a natural strength of sound-volume.
The optimal position for the listener remains the advised stereo-position, but is because of this superior technique not necessary.
The place of recording enters - so to say - into your living room. You can also walk around.
A very short time you have to acclimate for and adapt to the change in the timbre.
This is because of the fact that you are listening to new-entering acoustics or 3D-sounds from the recording-location.
After that, close your eyes and you are been moved into the recording-location.
For listening by headphones it is not so optimal, but yet much better and opener than with any of the other techniques.

See also Elucidation of Holographic Sound, written in 1995

JOS (Just Original Sound) = Holographic Sound = BILAS (Bilateral Acoustic System)


Benefit-concert (fraction) Emmy Verheij on 8th of May 1996

Benefit-concert (fraction) Emmy Verheij on 8th of May 1996

Holographic-Sound-Image or JOS-recording or BILAS
JOS - recorded in "Gebouw van Kunsten en Wetenschappen", Utrecht, Holland.
Marlene (violin) and Derrick Hemmer (piano) at that time respectively 15 and 17 years old of age.
Recording on 4th of July 1996

Just Original Sound or JOS
SZERELEM - a folksong group - in Castricum, Holland. Recording made in a living-room of one of the members:
Nora Farkas, Hetty Kinhuis, Wim de Goede and Wim van Hattem.
Recording on 27th of July 2005

JOS or BILAS-recording
Lutherse Kerk in Weesp, Holland (freely played by his musician-friend Dick Koomans).
Recording on 28th of April 1995

JOS - recording or BILAS example-1
Park Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn, Holland

JOS - recording or BILAS example-2
Park Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn, Holland

JOS - recording or BILAS example-3
Park Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn, Holland

BILAS - recording
17 year old Derrick Hemmer plays freely in the repetition-hour at Maria Minor, Utrecht, Holland.
Recording on 6th of January 1997

JOS - recording
Dick Koomans and Cor de Jong on two harpsichords.
Last rehearsle in an empty church at Grote Kerk 't Woudt, Holland

BILAS or JOS - recording Almere-example-1
From balcony on the third floor at Hofmark 364 Almere-Haven, Holland on
5th of May 1995.
First test with the new developed system with 2 Vandenberg Dummy-Heads on the BILAS-concept.

JOS or BILAS - recording Almere-example-2
Direct from kitchen you could reach the open balcony.
Thus various noises came also from inside the apartment 364

Holographic-Sound-Image Almere-example-3

BILAS or JOS - recording
Chris Duindam, Eleonora and Mario at "Gebouw Kunsten en Wetenschappen", Utrecht, Holland
on 19th of June 1996

BILAS or JOS - recording
Try out in the New St Bavo Haarlem, Holland

BILAS or JOS - recording
Try out in the Old St Bavo Haarlem, Holland

Benefit-concert (fraction) Emmy Verheij on 8th of May 1996

Benefit-concert (fraction) Emmy Verheij on 8th of May 1996

Holographic-Sound-Image  Garden Emmeloord

Summer-evening 2012

Holographic-Sound-Image  Garden Emmeloord
Midsummer-evening 2013

Harley Davidson
Emmeloord 2013

Selection Autumn 2014
5th of September 2014   Recorded with improved Vandenberg Dummy-heads



All these recordings are made possible because of the sympathy and willingness of many musicians, especially Emmy, Chris, Mario, Eleonora, Dick, Egbert, Cor, Ad, Peter, Marlene, Derrick, Nora and many others and also the good teachers and critics as Henri, Tom, Henk, Dirk, Aaltjouk with their professional technical skills and their absolute sense of hearing, a 'must have' in the audio-world with the most various matters.

It is now 36 years, that he had these idea's to give the home-listener pure and authentic sound. It has been a very, very long way to go. Very pleased he was to find at last on 22th of January 2010 the finishing touch in the research for this unique system. And especially his lovely Leonie, who has to live with him and the whole lot of physical and mental mess.

January 2010

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