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He was born in Noordwijk, near Leiden, in the Netherlands on August 22, 1939.
He became a general practitioner or family doctor in Castricum in Noord-Holland (in The Netherlands) and after four years he had besides his very busy and large practice he has to handle, the idea of trying to get the true 3-dimensional sound through a two channel system, thus through a normal stereo-equipment. He has indeed after many years of experiments of trying and searching, invented the three-dimensional sound as we now know by and can hear for example by the DirectSound-3d of Microsoft and many others, who are presenting surround sound by two channels.

By changes in the American law after the patent was adjudged to him, it was remarkable and very frustrating that it was not possible to make effective the claims to Microsoft, Intel, and many Manufacturers of sound-cards and sound-equipment, which are in fact using these by him, discovered principles.

It concerns billions of dollars.

He has analyzed the sound of being built up in two segments: namely the informant or basically part of pure information of it and the directional information part as a functional and natural aspect for hearing from where sounds come from.

This was the key for to be able to manipulate sounds as we now can experience in computer-games and many more applications.

Also he has as the first invented a system for recording music in the most natural way and to reproduce it by a normal stereo-equipment with loudspeakers, so that the listener thinks he is at the location, for example in the concert hall.

He gives it the name Holographic Sound System (first named BILAS or bilateral acoustic system or a few years later JOS or Just Original Sound).

In the years middle of 1970 he became therefore in the international audio-world more or less an interesting guy, but he was never rewarded for his exceptional efforts and inspiration.
The applying for the most important patent was first rejected as science-fiction and too incredible to be real, but after more extended and specific explanations he got his American Patent 
US Patent 4,393,270.

But after he has got that, some few years later despite of his rights who has for some years yet to go, the American Patent Law became suddenly changed in a way, that there has been an article adjoined - the so-called  'all elements rule' - and with that rule it was not possible anymore for him to claim his legal fees.
This was very frustrating and incomprehensible and unjustifiable for him. But he has the satisfaction, that his ideas are used all over the world.

So, if you have interest and the guts to read the official patents then you are invited to get the information on the following web-pages here after.

See also:  https://www.indenop.nl

Earlier he invented two cameras.

The first one was a very fast sport-shutter (easy 1/4000 sec or faster), which has to placed before the objective of a (cheap and) normal camera. This shutter then takes over the task of the build in shutter. This was achieved by a system of a plurality of parallel screens, each provided with a plurality of parallel slots.

This first construction he combined thereafter with a synchronized moving screen provided with an elongated slot, which screen is positioned adjacent the space for the photosensitive recording material and such a construction - his second camera - became the so-called "against the sun/light camera". It is a totally different one with amazing properties.

Hence that in the eighties on special request of the CRI (Central Research and Information) and on request of two Ministries in The Hague on behalf of a big group of experts from Interpol, who were there on a conference about new special techniques from a number of 26 countries, he has been allowed to and could explain his Against-the-Sun Camera.

Mid seventies he was invited by a good friend, late Ben Dingerdis, who was acquainted with late General Haig from the NATO in Brussels, to lay his ideas - concerning the possibility to make airplanes and other things invisible for radar detection - before a particular commission, which specially here fore has came from Brussels to the military airport Ypenburg near The Hague.

These ideas, on which is based the now known Stealth-technique, were there well discussed in a hush-hush conference.

One of his remarks was, that he as a medical doctor further it has to leave to experts and that they therefore have to ask for a number of engineers. He also made the remark, that because of the excessive military consequences he didn’t have the need for to get a bullet by one or other secret service. He enforced his meaning by saying that he of course strictly should keep silence about this and thus therefore there was no reason to be silenced and that he otherwise hadn’t come to the meeting, if they were afraid that he should leak his own ideas to the wrong party.

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